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11 February 2005

AA-3 record attemp - update #3

If you're following Troy's flight, you'll know that this is a real knuckle biter! According to our calculations, Troy has exceeded the existing AA-3 duration record by the required 1% as of 2104Z.

Troy has managed to descend through some severe turbulence in an attempt to slow his speed which was 50+ kts., and is now waiting for an inversion to set in within an hour which should slow his speed even further for landing.

From Lou Billones (Team Meteorologist): Last night Troy was able to make the necessary track adjustments that set us up to break the record.  The down side was that Troy’s track was in a major synoptic scale jet stream flow that reduced our follow on options for flight after tonight.

Last night and this morning, Troy was in 50+ MPH winds  that really kept everyone busy.  This afternoon we have Troy cruising along at 5000 ft at 50 kts heading for Florida.  However, due to sunset considerations, once the record is broken and when he has cleared controlled air space around Columbus, Georgia, we have recommended that he descend out of the jet and look for a landing location in South Western Georgia.  Landing winds will be brisk.

Posted by Luc at 10:20 PM

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