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21 December 2006

World Gas Championship 2007 in Russia

Regarding the World Gas Championship we have faced with problem of restructuring of air traffic control system from military authorities to civil one.
We have received official reply from Federal Air Transport Agency to our request:

Because of holding restructuring of Russian Air traffic control system concerned with organizing united body of air traffic control it is carrying out the work to change legislation and rules of using air space.
Thereupon it is recommended by the Russian Air-navigation Agency to Balloon Federation of Russia to postpone holding of World Gas Balloon Championship from July 2007 to later dates.

Unfortunately we could not foresee that situation before but it is what we have now. So now I by agreement with Jean-Claude Weber cancel the World Gas Championship 2007 in Russia.
Anyway I will try to host it in few years cause Russia is a vast country with lots of room to host gas events.

Best regards,
Yuri Taran

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14 September 2004

And the new World Champion is ...

The winner of the 10th FAI World Championship gas ballooning is ... the German team Peter Krafczyk and Uwe Schneider, with 6019 points. The current German champions, Astrid Gerhardt and Dominik Haggeney are second with 5446 points. The third position is for Mark Sullivan and David Levin (USA) with 5304 points.

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Worlds Gas - update #12

The World Championship is over. Because of the bad weather conditions the pilots haven't been able to make a third flight. The competition will be closed tonight at 19:00hr with the proclamation of the final results and the pricegiving ceremony.

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Worlds Gas - update #11

Far too much wind at the launch field, so the competition director decided not to inflate the balloons tonight.

The weather forecasts for today are not so good. Therefore the morning briefing of 05:00hr has been canceled.

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13 September 2004

Worlds Gas - update #10

The teams are preparing the balloons for a third flight. At 01:00hr inflations should start. The task briefing is at 05:00hr, as planned before. It is going to be a short flight, but even then everything remains possible!

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Worlds Gas - update #9

The preliminary results after 2 flights and 7 tasks:

1. Peter Krafczyk/Uwe Schneider (D) D-OWBA 6019
2. Astrid Gerhardt/Dominik Haggeney (D) D-OWNT 5446
3. Mark Sullivan/David Levin (USA) D-OWML 5304
4. Bob Berben/Luc Van Geyte (B) D-OBYN 5216
5. Wilhelm Eimers/Markus Pieper (D) D-OWBI 4954
6. Ronny Van Havere/Philippe De Cock (B) OO-BCX 3973
7. Xavier Waymel/Jean-Michel Francois (F) F-GEAC 3936
8. Janet Folkes/Dave Morgan (GB) HB-BJS 3741
9. Wolfgang Oberloher/Paul Oberloher (D) D-OWBL 3721
10. Gerald Stürzlinger/Helmut Meierhofer (A) D-ORZL 3227
11. Enzo Cisaro/Giovanni Aimo (I) I-OECM 2708
12. Therese Hügli-Trummer/Max Steiner (CH) HB-BZH 2620
13. Bepperl Höhl/Günter Oberseider (D) D-OCOL 2169
14. Tom Donnelly/David Sutcliffe (GB) G-BWOK 2016
15. Thierry Villey/Eric Hallosserie (F) F-BSGN 1016

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Worlds Gas - update #8

All the teams have returned to Bitterfeld. At the 10:00hr briefing they were told to prepare the balloons at 18:00hr for the filling process. The organisation intends to have a short flight tomorrow.

The taskbriefing has been set to tomorrow morning 05:00hr. At the moment the wind conditions are unfavourable, there is a strong surface wind. The decision to fill the balloons will be taken in the evening or even tonight.

Donald & Luc Buyle

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How to retrieve a lost marker...

Here a little story we want to share with you...

The Belgica 2 team scored its last marker a few hundred metres from the Lithuanian border. A beautiful result ... but after the landing (at the other side of a cornfield) the marker had disappeared.

Two Poles were at the landing. They were eager to help and pack the balloon and of course our pilots accepted, with a gas balloon every bit of help is welcome. Philippe and Ron told them about the lost marker. The Poles promised to solve the problem ... 1 phone call and ...

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12 September 2004

Worlds Gas - update #7

A lot of teams have been permited 'extension' to go and find lost markers. This is why only a few teams were at the 19:00hr briefing tonight.

There will be a new briefing tomorrow at 10:00hr.

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11 September 2004

Worlds Gas - update #6

At our lodging house, Heide-Camp Schlaitz Am Muldestausee, there's a lot of wind, which now and then becomes really stormy. Fortunately the balloonists are some 700 km away from here, so it won't (hopefully) complicate their landings.

At this moment there is no news of the balloons, not even at the competition center. Only from team Berben / Van Geyte we got this information:

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Worlds Gas - update #5

The past few days we had a beautiful blue sky over here, but ... since this morning it is raining in Bitterfeld.

The pilots too can expect rain on their way, and maybe even light snowfall.

We hope to publish more news later today, but we presume we'll have to wait till 19:00hr for the first news to come in.

To be continued!

Donald & Luc Buyle

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Worlds Gas - update #4

At 01:20hr the first balloon with Bob Berben & Luc Van Geyte took off for its second flight. The others obviously weren't in a hurry, and the only reason we can think of is that they were hoping to get more daylight at the German-Polish border where the first marker would have to be dropped. Yet all the balloons were in the air within an hour!

Continue reading : "Worlds Gas - update #4"

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10 September 2004

Worlds Gas - update #3

The 18:00hr briefing has revealed that the pilots have to accomplish 4 tasks on their second flight.

The balloons are being inflated right now.

It is certainly going to be a difficult flight; the next briefing is planned for Sunday night at 19:00hr, after the return of pilots and crews in Bitterfeld.

Continue reading : "Worlds Gas - update #3"

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Worlds Gas - update #2

The results after 3 tasks:

1. Wilhelm Eimers/Markus Pieper (D) - D-OWBI == 2522
2. Peter Krafczyk/Uwe Schneider (D) - D-OWBA == 2483
3. Astrid Gerhardt/Dominik Haggeney (D) - D-OWNT == 2321
4. Mark Sullivan/David Levin (USA) - D-OWML == 2313
5. Gerald Stürzlinger/Helmut Meierhofer (A) - D-ORZL == 2040
6. Wolfgang Oberloher/Paul Oberloher (D) - D-OWBL == 2023
7. Bob Berben/Luc Van Geyte (B) - D-OBYN == 1761
8. Xavier Waymel/Jean-Michel Francois (F) - F-GEAC == 1685
9. Bepperl Höhl/Günter Oberseider (D) - D-OCOL == 1636
10. Therese Hügli-Trummer/Max Steiner (CH) - HB-BZH == 1444
11. Ronny Van Havere/Philippe De Cock (B) - OO-BCX == 1333
12. Janet Folkes/Dave Morgan (GB) - HB-BJS == 1129
13. Enzo Cisaro/Giovanni Aimo (I) - I-OECM == 700
14. Thierry Villey/Eric Hallosserie (F) - F-BSGN == 367
15. Tom Donnelly/David Sutcliffe (GB) G-BWOK 349

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08 September 2004

Worlds Gas - update #1

The general briefing is over. The first balloons are ready for inflation. The Belgian teams will fill their balloons around 01:00hr tonight.

The task briefing will be at 05:00 hr (LT), followed by the launch of the balloons at 06:00 hr (LT). Thomas Finck has promised us beautiful weather with lots of sunshine and great tasks...

More news tomorrow!

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07 September 2004

Worlds Gas 2004

Bitterfeld - Tomorrow is the big day ... the start of the World Gas Balloon Championship 2004! And also at this event the Belgians are well represented: 2 Belgian teams, 4 observers and some passionate spotters.

We regret that two prominent gas balloon nations - America and Switzerland - send only one team. Do we have to conclude that the Gordon Bennett race for most of the gas balloonists IS the world championship? And yet this competition promises to become very exciting. When we look through the list of participants we notice that 5 pilots have competed in the world championship for hotair balloons. They are familiar with competition flights and very experienced in choosing goals. Two of these people are Markus Pieper and Uwe Schneider, the top two pilots in the hotair competitions.

We are also watching out for the Italian team; it will be the first time we see them at work.

With 3 flights it is going to be a very interesting but also a very tiresome week ... May the best win!!!

Donald and Luc Buyle

(for those who still want to order a pin, you can click on the picture above. Be quick, there are only a few pins left. They will be sent after the WC Gas)

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04 September 2004

World Gas Balloon Championship 2004

Major gas balloon events follow each other very closely these days.

A Gordon Bennett full of suspense took place this week, and now the preparations for next week's World Gas Balloon Championship in Bitterfeld (Germany) are in full swing.

Still a few days to go and then the big moment is there.
In the meantime "the batteries are being charged" and the teams can still dream of beautiful shiny medals...

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21 August 2004

Pin World Championship

Especially for the collectors a unique pin has been made. There are only 300 pieces available, all numbered and with a numbered certificate.

From now on you can buy the pin at this site. Click here to go to the order page. You can buy only 1 pin per address. You can order the pin and pick it up, or we can send it to you (but then you'll have to pay extra shipping costs of course!).

The price for this unique pin is 5,00 Euro. As you can see it represents the world, the Worlds Gas logo and our two Belgian gas balloons. It also symbolises the friendship and cooperation between the two teams.

For more info: click on the link above or on the picture.

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15 July 2004

Wanted: Observer WC gas

The team of Thierry Villey still needs an observer for the World Championship gas ballooning (from 08/09 til 15/09 in Bitterfeld). You can find the necessary information on the WC website.

Needed for this job: experience as observer and good knowledge of the English language. The candidate will be recommended by the pilot and accepted by the competition organization.

If you need more info, please contact the organization.

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12 May 2004

Jury nominated & hotel name change

The CIA has now completed the jury nomination. Due to health reasons Wolfgang Gruber from Austria was not available so Mary Anne Stevens from Canada is taking his place. The jury now consists of: Jean-Claude Weber (LUX, president), Mary Anne Stevens (CAN), Arno Sieger (GER).

The hotel that we will use as the competition headquarter has changed to another hotel chain. Please see the information on the hotel information page for details.

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