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01 January 2007

Best wishes for 2007

Best wishes for 2007

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11 September 2005

New pictures of gas balloon pilots

Our loyal visitors will already have noticed we've made some slight changes to the website. When you enter the site you can see new pictures of the gasballoon pilots. At this moment we have the photo of over 150 pilots. At the bottom of each photo you can also find the pilot's nationality.

When some pictures are still missing, please send them to

Thanks for your help !

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27 September 2004

Slide Show Gordon Bennett

No Gordon Bennett race without loads of photos. The quantity of good material made choosing between the pictures very difficult.

Nevertheless we've managed - again - to create a complete survey of Gordon Bennett. Click on the link, and enjoy!

---> SLIDESHOW Gordon Bennett 2004

or: menu -> Gordon Bennett -> Gordon Bennett 2004 -> The competition -> Pictures

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01 January 2004

Best wishes ...

To pass your wishes to the gas ballooning community: click here

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23 October 2003

Gasballoon Calendar

The data of the 2004 gasballoon activities have started to come in.

Of course you can find them all back in our gasballoon calendar.

For the gasballoon pilots there's the gasballoon symposium in Künzell (near Fulda) on 22 & 23 November 2003. This certainly is an event not to be missed!

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13 October 2003

Flight report GB2003 - Miche


During a gasballoon flight the pilots take detailed notes from the beginning till the end of the trip. Now you can read online the flight report of Miche at the Gordon Bennett 2003.

Take a look at Flight report Miche

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Flight report GB2003 - Belgica 2

Track Belgica 2

The flight report of Belgica 2 during Gordon Bennett 2003 is online. By reading Philippe and Ronny's notes you can for a moment feel as if you are in the balloon, experiencing this beautiful flight.

Philippe and Ronny will send in a full story later. In the mean time, enjoy the lecture of this report...

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Best wishes ...
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Flight report GB2003 - Miche
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